Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Piece of Raspberry Pi

With Christmas break coming, I figured I'd have some spare hours to take on a Raspberry Pi (RPi) project and see what the buzz has been about. Thanks to +John Peterson for the encouragement to start.

Getting One

Turned out to be pretty straight-forward. I was able to order the parts through and within 24 hours they were in town from South Carolina (according to UPS tracking) and by the next evening delivered to my door. Speedy is great!

The order included:

  • Raspberry Pi, version B (Two USB ports)
  • 8Gb SD card with NOOBS installed
  • case
  • USB 80211n wifi "nub"

  • Because it powers using a standard micro USB connector and I already have enough of them, I  left it out of the order. 

    Getting Ready

    Putting the kit together was a two minute adventure. According to the internet the NOOBS card will customize the card to one of several RPi operating systems that you choose. I made a backup of the card using as a reference.

    Next Up

    Next time I'll go through powering the RPi up and choosing/configuring Raspbian using NOOBS.

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